The Wu-Tang Clan Deserve a Better Show Than This Hot Mess

It would make sense for Wu-Tang: An American Saga to emphasize, in its narrative and on its soundtrack, famed Staten Island crew as a pastiche of every gangster and drug-dealing clich imaginable, Hulus eight-part series (premiering Sept. 4) is both ill-conceived and consistently dull. Created and written by Alex Tse and RZA (who executive-produces Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men to say half as much. Set in the late 80s and early 90s, Wu-Tang: An American Sagas nominal center of attention is Bobby Diggs (Moonlights RZA, the founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, who brought together a diverse array of local rappers

Catch-22 review George Clooney’s dizzying, daring triumph

The actor-directors visually impressive adaptation of Joseph Hellers second world war novel is a violent, frenetic and disquieting small-screen satire Theres a moment late in Catch-22, as a second world war bomber returns from a mission over Italy, that I realized planes can land with their engines on fire. The plane, smoke trailing its left engine, wobbles to the runway, which seems ridiculous if the fire is literally at hand, how can it just land normally? But apparently, thats the way it is. That shot extraordinary treated as normal, routine marred but not upended by disaster captures, like many others, the pendulum of contrasts in Catch-22, Hulus limited series adaptation of Joseph Hellers canonical 1961 novel. Executive produced and part-directed …