Cardi B Feuds With 10-Year-Old Rap Crew Who Dissed Her Fake Butt

Her debut mixtape was famously entitled Gangsta Bitch and she has feuded with everyone from Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks to Miley Cyrus, but now Cardi B is squaring up to her most unlikely opponents yet.

Theyre a gang of Instagramming quadruplets from Westchester, New York, named Hollywood, Slim Z, Bonez McKoy, and Mr. Great.

The fearsome four post their music on their ZN8tion Instagram account, which has 143,000 followers.

And they are 10 years old.

Cardi, who has carefully nurtured a reputation as a confrontational aggressor, launched a furious attack on the schoolkids on Instagram Live, in which she declared, Not gonna let no little fucking white boys come at me all motherfucking day long. Motherfucking shut the fuck up and stay in your motherfucking place. Go drink your motherfucking milk, bitch. Fuck.

Although she did not name the perpetrators in her rant, it seems clear that the offenders she had in mind are the four 10-year-old brothers.

Just what did these kids do to earn Cardis ire?

Well, it appears that the professional rapper, who has sold over five million albums worldwide, was enraged by a diss track the boys posted two weeks ago, which included lines such as They could fix your teeth, but they couldnt fix your face, and I dont know whats faker: your life or your butt.

To illustrate the concept, one of the youngsters dances around with a pillow down his pants, as you can see in this video below, which also includes the Cardi clapback.

One of the creators of the ruinous diss was in an after-school club when contacted for comment by Page Six, and told the interviewer he would have to be quick or his mom would start yelling at him.

We wanted to show Cardi B to not be a bully and give her a taste of her own medicine, the rapper who identified himself as Hollywood said, adding that Cardi responding to the track made us feel like wed done our job.

You tell her, kid.

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